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Squeakie 100%天然乳清潤手消毒酒精搓手液 Natural Hand Sanitiser 75ml

Squeakie 100%天然乳清潤手消毒酒精搓手液 Natural Hand Sanitiser 75ml

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  • 澳洲Squeakie天然乳清消毒酒精搓手液成分100%天然,無有害化學物
    • 加入4種有機認證(Certified Organic)保濕成分
      • 包括墨角藻、玫瑰果油、蘆薈、植物甘油
    • 有效消毒同時滋潤雙手
    • 成份安全天然,不含有害化學物質
    • 極適合小朋友及皮膚敏感人士
    • 環保包裝,達BPA Free嬰兒奶樽級別
    • 含濃度達62%的純天然乳清(Pure Whey Milk)酒精,有效去除99.99%的細菌
    • 符合世界衛生組織及美國疾病控制及預防中心(CDC)準則
      • CDC指引針對2019 冠狀病毒病指出酒精濃度達60%以上之搓手液為最有效

    成份: 天然乳清酒精、水、*植物甘油、*玫瑰果油*墨角藻提取物、*蘆薈、羧甲基纖維素、Omega 9、*玫瑰草精油、*青檸精油 *有機認證成份


    • 不含化學物質引致荷爾蒙破壞
    • 不含可引致細菌抵抗性的化學物質
    • 不含致癌污染物的石化產品
    • 不含未列出的化學品

    世界衛生組織、美國疾病控制及預防中心Environmental Working Group (研究個人護理和化妝品中成分安全性的領先組織) 建議使用含酒精消毒搓手液作抗菌。EWG強烈建議不要使用無酒精的手部消毒啫喱,因為研究表明,使用無酒精的抗菌劑苯扎氯銨和三氯生可能會導致細菌耐藥性。這是因為這些化學物質殘留在您的皮膚表面上,數小時後,使細菌有機會突變。而使用噴霧劑的覆蓋範圍較小,防護性也較低。相反,酒精效用迅速,因此在不用水的情況下是最安全和最有效的方法去除細菌。正如世界衛生組織所說:「酒精搓手液是已知方式中,能迅速和有效地消滅活於手上各種有害微生物。」

    Squeakie的純淨、可持續牛奶乳清酒精是從牛奶中提取。乳清中的乳糖是通過乳糖特異性酵母發酵的,通過乳糖代謝產生酒精。 Squeakie不含石油提煉出之異丙醇,正丙醇或乙醇變性劑,例如甲醇,丙酮,乙醛,乙酸乙酯,鄰苯二甲酸二乙酯或苯甲酸丁那銨。

    earthy ethos為Squeakie官方指定經銷及分銷商

     Squeakie is the 100% natural hand sanitiser that meets the WHO guidelines.

    It’s for people who want to be safe and clean from germs but without rubbing nasty chemicals into their skin. Squeakie is one of the safest hand sanitisers because it include

    • No chemicals linked to hormone disruption
    • No chemicals linked to bacterial resistance
    • No petrochemicals suspected of causing carcinogenic contaminants
    • No unlisted chemicals

    Squeakie includes 62% pure milk whey alcohol to naturally remove 99.99% of germs.

    The WHO and CDC (the world’s leading health authorities) and EWG (Environmental Working Group - the leading organisation that researches the safety of ingredients in personal care and cosmetics) ONLY recommend hand sanitisers with alcohol as the antimicrobial agent. The EWG strongly advises against the use of alcohol free hand sanitiser gels because studies show that the use of alcohol free antimicrobials, Benzalkonium Chloride and Triclosan, may lead to bacterial resistance. This is because of the residue that these chemicals leave on your skin or surfaces for hours afterwards that give bacteria a chance to mutate. Sprays have less coverage and less protection. Alcohol is fast acting and therefore the safest and most effective way to kill germs without water. As the WHO says: “alcohol-based handrubs are the only known means for rapidly and effectively deactivating a wide array of potentially harmful microorganisms on hands”. 

    No other hand sanitiser uses pure milk whey alcohol or a combination of all natural ingredients and four moisturisers of Bladderwrack extract, rosehip oil, aloe vera and vegetable glycerine to make hands feel Amazing.

    Squeakie’s pure and sustainable milk whey alcohol is derived from cow’s milk. The lactose or milk sugar in the whey is fermented by lactose specific yeast, which metabolizes the lactose to produce alcohol. Squeakie is free of petroleum derived, highly toxic isopropyl alcohol, n propanol or unlisted toxic ethanol denaturants like methanol, acetone, acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, diethyl phthalate or denatonium benzoate.

    • Squeakie is free of all petrochemicals, synthetic chemicals and unlisted chemicals found in all the standard hand sanitisers in the market.
    • Squeakie clean hands in 15 seconds, free of germs, free of nasty chemicals.
    • Award winning, 100% natural. Genuinely moisturising. Meets WHO guidelines.
    • Squeakie is the best hand sanitiser that you will use. 


    • pure milk whey alcohol (squeakie’s active antibacterial agent)
    • purified water
    • bladderwrack extract*
    • rosehip oil*
    • aloe vera*
    • omega 9
    • lime essential oil*
    • palmarosa essential oil*
    • cellulose gum
    • vegetable glycerine*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient

    earthy ethos is the official stockist and authorised reseller of Squeakie.