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BIOLOGI 超細纖維潔膚布2片裝連清潔網袋 Microfiber Cloths (2pcs) &Wash Bag

BIOLOGI 超細纖維潔膚布2片裝連清潔網袋 Microfiber Cloths (2pcs) &Wash Bag

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Biologi 超細纖維潔膚布,以水激活後即可卸除妝容及臉部污垢,其特殊的纖維布有效更細緻清潔臉部,亦可取代一次性 妝棉。配合 BIOLOGI【Bc】奇妙皂皂果有機潔臉泡 加強清潔效果,並可重複使用,謹守Biologi環保高效嘅宗旨。

配合Biologi Wash Bag,可將潔膚布直接放入洗衣機清洗,約可重複洗滌200次,建議一星期清潔一次。注意請不要使用柔順劑。適合身體任何部位包括臉部及眼周。

Did you know that disposable makeup wipes take over 100 years to decompose? This is why Biologi created our sustainable Microfibre Cloth which will last over 200 washes depending on use and care, which replaces over 1000 disposable wipes per person each year.

The Biologi Microfibre Cloths were created to align with Biologi's commitment to sustainable products and practices, washable, reusable microfibre cloths are the ultimate choice in makeup removal. Biologi worked hard to bring you an uncompromising alternative to disposable makeup removing pads, that not only contains hundreds of tiny fibres that target particles and draw dirt and impurities away from the skin's surface but is deluxe in every way.

The Biologi Microfibre Cloths are activated by water to gently lift makeup, dirt and impurities away from the skin. With up to 200 uses, they are a great sustainable alternative to disposable makeup removers.

Use: Dampen the Microfibre Cloth with water and sweep over the face. Use with Bc Refresh Cleanser for a deeper clean. Wash and rinse after use and hang to air dry. Can be put in the reusable wash bag and washed in the washing machine once a week for a thorough clean. Comes in a reusable wash bag. Do not use fabric softener in the wash as it coats the microfibres.  Use for: All skins. Eye Area. Body.


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