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BIOLOGI【Bg】防禦抗污染活性精華液 Defence Anti-Pollution Serum
BIOLOGI【Bg】防禦抗污染活性精華液 Defence Anti-Pollution Serum
BIOLOGI【Bg】防禦抗污染活性精華液 Defence Anti-Pollution Serum

BIOLOGI【Bg】防禦抗污染活性精華液 Defence Anti-Pollution Serum

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Made in Australia


【Bg】主要天然成份為草莓尤加利(Strawberry Gum Leaf),其強大植物活性幫助強化皮膚,有效對抗藍光及日常污染物。適合每天使用,就算係最嬌嫩的皮膚類型,包括容易長痘痘、泛紅或敏感肌都適用,具有溫和微妙的植物原生花香。

強大的Vitamin C、Vitamin B和水楊酸可保濕及及減少發紅,對抗因環境污染而導致皮膚乾燥及老化,有效重建皮膚屏障,防止自由基損傷。




  • 對抗 藍光及日常污染物
  • 改善膚色、質地和光澤
  • 深層補水
  • 抗老


•  早上塗防曬霜前,於臉及頸部塗抹1-2泵精華
•  可塗少量於眼底,不建議用於眼周。眼周建議使用【Bk】緊緻眼臉活性精華液 



•  草莓尤加利 (Strawberry Gum Leaf)
•  0.2% 苯甲酸鈉* (Sodium Benzoate)
* 極輕微的苯甲酸為常用的食品防腐劑,用以穩定精華液,對人體無害 

Strawberry Gum Leaf 100%活性成份

Vitamin C


Salicylic Acid 


Niacinamide (B3)


Protocatechuic Acid, Genistein (isoflavone)


Phenolic Acids




Pantothenic Acid (B5)


Riboflavin (B2)


Pyridoxine (B6)


Made in Australia

Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum is an extract of strawberry gum leaf specifically chosen for its powerful blend of transformative phyto-actives that work hard to strengthen the skin while offering a superior level of protection against persistent toxins such as blue light and pollution responding to the cellular impact of environmental stressors in our modern world.

Suitable for daily use on even the most delicate of skin types including breakout-prone, red and sensitive skin, Bg Defence prioritises cellular integrity to shield against the toxins you can’t see while giving the skin an overall glow and texture you can. In a first for Biologi, Bg Defence has a gentle aroma of distinct yet subtle floral tones native to the plant. Smell for yourself…essential skin protection straight from the plant!

  • Powerful source of plant vitamin C, vitamin B and salicylic acid to hydrate and reduce redness
  • Can reverse the visible signs of environmental damage such as dryness and ageing
  • Effectively builds the skin’s barrier to protect against future free radical damage

 The Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum does not contain SPF.

Bg Serum relies on a hard-working blend of phytonutrients to build a protective shield against environmental pollution while reversing the visible signs of existing cellular damage. As a targeted source of antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin B and skin-loving acids, Bg Defence can improve skin tone, texture and glow while hydrating deep within for a brighter complexion.

INGREDIENTS | Eucalyptus Olida (Strawberry Gum) Leaf Extract 0.2% Sodium Benzoate

USE FOR | All skin types and conditions. Breakout prone. Redness. Ageing and sun damaged skin conditions. As part of complete Biologi skincare regime. Excellent post-shave protector.

HOW TO USE | Morning: After cleansing with Biologi’s Bc Refresh Cleanser, apply Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum to a clean dry skin. Use 1 pump for face and 2 pumps to the face, neck, and décolletage. Apply with fingertips and lightly massage over the skin. Let serum absorb before applying SPF/make-up.

*May be used sparingly underneath the eye area, but not recommended for use around entire eye area or eye lashes.
*Contains the plant extract of salicylic acid.