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MAAEMO 純素防敏面膜掃 Vegan Brush

MAAEMO 純素防敏面膜掃 Vegan Brush

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面膜掃以純素纖維手造,不含動物毛髮,質地柔順軟滑,用於肌膚上十分舒服。配以天然木質手柄,MAAEMO純素防敏面膜掃可回收,符合環保概念。配合MAAEMO The Elimination Mask 羽衣甘藍深層排毒綠泥用。

Created using vegan friendly fibres and natural wood, the full recyclable Facial treatment brush is designed to give you the perfect application of you Elimination mask.

To care for your treatment brush, be sure to rinse remaining product from the brush immediately after use with warm water. Lay the clean brush flat to rest over and dry overnight.

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